Audience Development Highlights

I interned on the Audience Development team at the Philadelphia Inquirer in the summer of 2018, and a lot of my work consisted of posting Instagrams, Instagram stories, Facebook posts and tweets. Here are some highlights from my summer. 


Instagram Stories

(DISCLAIMER: some of the photos in the stories do not show up due to copyright issues)

Anthony Bourdain Food Trail

After Anthony Bourdain passed away, his home state, New Jersey, established a food trail that highlights his favorite spots in the state.


Fox Business School Ratings Scandal

The dean of Temple University's Fox Business School was forced to resign over fabricating university ratings.


Aaron Nola Highlight

Aaron Nola represented the Phillies at the All-Star game in Washington D.C.

Museum Happy Hours

In order to attract Millennials, museums in Philadelphias started offering boozey sessions at happy hour where attendees can look at art and mingle.