North by Northwestern: My Clips

North by Northwestern is the premiere online and print magazine at Northwestern University. I was formally the Life & Style editor, and am now an Assistant Managing Editor for the publication.

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I attended the Sugar and Spice Summit: a brainchild of a Northwestern student that celebrates women in all aspects of the food industry. The event was as inspiring as it was delicious.

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The Wisconsin-based coffee chain opened its doors in Evanston, and I was excited to get the opportunity to talk to the movers and shakers who made that happen.

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Reality Bytes, a company whose goal is to spread awareness and knowledge of the many uses of virtual and augmented reality, came to Northwestern to talk to students. They also provided trials of different VR games and programs.

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One of the most-used apps by Millennials suddenly changed and updated, which warranted confusion and disappointment.

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On an otherwise uneventful spring day, I brought myself to the nearest L.A. Tan and got my bronze on for the first time.

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Highlighting some of the most unique tresses on campus.