Her Campus: My Clips

Her Campus is a platform that caters to the "empowered college woman." The comprehensive website features work from over 11,000 women from over 340 campuses around the world.


My Introduction into the World of Healing Crystals

“Just the thought of holding something that has alleged powers makes me feel calm and as if I’m putting my mood and faith in the hands of something bigger and more powerful than myself. It reminds me that everything will be okay.”

Billie Eilish Has New Sadness in her Ocean Eyes

You can’t judge a star’s happiness by their fame.

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How Twitter Saved My Mental Health

“I am forever grateful that this was the one resolution that I actually stuck to, because replacing the intake of highly-edited, fake photos with astute and original thoughts was the best change I’ve ever implemented.”


How to start your new exercise routine

Making an exercise regimen for the first time can be tough, but I’m here to motivate you and give you tips on how to start exercising regularly, one healthy step at a time!

My first Orangetheory experience

I conquered one of my greatest fears: I went to my first Orangetheory class.

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